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We are Lindisfarne Scriptorium, a small business based on a small Island off the coast of Northumbria roughly half-way between Newcastle and Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne was key to the Christian faith being spread throughout the North of England in the 7th century A.D. and was the location of a Celtic and then later Benedictine monastic community.

Taking spiritual and visual inspiration from the work of the monks who created wonderful books like the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells, the calligraphy, illumination and illustration we offer you is a merging of old skills with new materials and new techniques inspired by ancient sacred works.

We aim to offer an artform which draws the viewer into an experience of prayer, meditation and blessing. Our inspiration is also drawn from the rich Celtic spirituality of Northumbria; our Christian faith and the beautiful environment of Holy Island. We aim to follow the great Monastic Scriptorium tradition of producing pieces of artwork that give glory to God and help His people to worship.


Poems and Prayers for Summer

Summer, long days of fruitful warmth and cheerful birdsong, sometimes punctuated by holidays and time to reflect.

Poems and Prayers for Summer

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Pocket Prayers for Sleep

Pocket Prayers for sleep contains prayers, bible passages and calming activities to help you switch off to daily worries and focus on God and peaceful sleep.

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The Great SeaThe Great Sea

A new piece for Summer 2020

Here on Holy Island we often hear a most eerie sound, it is especially loud on still, moonlit nights and many visitors are spooked by the ghostly cries. They are relieved to find out that it is the sound of seals, singing whilst resting on the shorelines and sandbars. We have come to cherish their song as being something that adds to the uniqueness of the Island along with the cries of the seabirds and the deep rumble of pebbles being turned by the waves at high tide.

Available as an A4 signed print

Mary writes "Over the years I have been delighted to share some of my techniques and stories with children and adults visiting the Island, this book and accompanying DVD could support a visit to the Island or be used as a springboard into project work. Aspects of this Pack will feed into the National Curriculum for Art, History and Religious Studies.In this collection we offer videos and worksheets covering how to draw the freehand knotwork style that I use and also how to make Brigid Crosses out of paper straws. We have also included six colouring-in images, a simple freehand knot and a Brigid cross image. along with background information to help put my work into context."

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An example of one of the videos can be found here.

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This months spotlight is on one of our photographic prayer books.


This book combines stunning images of Holy Island taken by Mary, Mark and their daughter Aurian Fleeson with poems and prayers written by Mary in response to the images.

The photographs show the Island, capturing it's beauty and spirit. It will transport you back to the Island if you have visited before or introduce this amazing place and whet your appetite for a journey to its shores.

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This home is Yours my God - May it be comfortable and filled with love - Let there be light

This home is Yours my God - May it be blessed and filled with laughter - Let there be joy

This home is Yours my God - May it be safe and filled with peace - Let there be hope

This home blessing features the cross of St. Brigid, the legend tells that she wove the cross at the death bed of either her father or a pagan lord, who upon hearing what the cross meant, asked to be baptized.


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